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Laser Milling and Grinding Machine

這款機透過鐳射激光探測及智能化的自動修正運作,不但可以高效地解決混凝土地面平整度的問題,而且誤差可控制在+/-1毫米以間。配合使用這款設備,來達到高位貨架中間通道之地面平整度的極高要求,也乎合自動導向車操作之標準。相比其他的施工方案,設備可以直接在地坪上應用完成,節省了多次找平或多次施工的程序。另外, 若作為一般地坪準備處理,它解決石矢表面研磨基層平整度的問題,同時提升地面裝飾完成後的效果。

With laser detection and automatic intelligent adjustment, it can efficiently solve the issues of the flatness and levelness of the concrete floor with tolerance controlled within +/- 1mm. It facilitates to achieve the demanding and stringent requirements of high-rise racks in warehouse and operations of automatic guided vehicles.  Compared with other approaches, it can directly be used to complete the flooring work, saving the necessity of secondary leveling or multi-process. Besides, being the preparation process of the floor treatment, it can solve the problem of the flatness of the base for the concrete polishing and enhance the decorative effect of the floor.

Uneven Floor
Laser Milling Floor
Finished Milling Floor Surface
Polished concrete floor
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