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Ashford Formula

The Ashford Formula is a chemically-reactive liquid hardener and densifier. It protects the surface of the concrete not by coating it, but by increasing the density and durability of the wearing surface. Once the Ashford Formula has penetrated the concrete and reacted with it, there is no Ashford left. What remains is a crystalline-densified version of the concrete that was there in the first place. There is no coating, film or membrane to scratch, wear, or peel.


  1. DENSIFIES: The Ashford Formula densifies with a unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry.。

  2. ABRASION RESISTANCE: The Ashford Formula makes concrete abrasion resistant.  The treated concrete will continue to harden over time. The Ashford Formula also acts as a supplement to surface and aggregate hardeners. 

  3. DUSTPROOFS: Concrete floors need to be free of dust. Concrete naturally creates dust from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. The Ashford Formula combines with the salts in concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dustproofing the surface. 

  4. CURES: When used as a curing agent, the Ashford Formula slows the outward migration of water from concrete. Its chemical reaction forms a densified barrier that reduces shrinkage, reduces cracking and reduces hairline checking.

  5. PERMANENT SHEEN: Steel troweled concrete floors treated with the Ashford Formula also take on a permanent and attractive marble-like sheen. The longer these floors are subjected to cleaning and traffic, the better they look.

  6. ELIMINATES HIGH CONSTRUCTION COSTS: The Ashford Formula reduces construction costs. It requires only one, permanent application. This eliminates the need to apply a curing membrane, which requires removal from the floor at a later time. 

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