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Surface Treatment

Concrete Surface Polishing

As the world's awareness of green building materials is gradually increasing, the trend of using concrete surface polishing technology rises rapidly in recent decades. With its economic and environmental friendly process, the concrete floor polishing has been recommended in many countries around the world as an alternative solution other than traditional surface systems. Concrete surface polishing enhances the reflectivity, flatness, abrasive and stain resistance of the existing concrete substrate. Furthermore, low maintenance and high durability make the surface more sustainable and hustle-free. With different specific processes, it provides high-end quality surface and many possibilities of the design.


  • Production facilities

  • Warehouse/storage buildings

  • Carparks

  • Freight terminals

  • Hospitals & medicals

  • Shopping malls

  • Living premises

  • Cinemas, schools, shops, hotels, offices


  • Dust free surface, easy to clean and maintain

  • Resistant to wear & spills

  • Abrasive-resistant

  • Slip-resistant

  • Renewal, minimal life-time cost

  • More durable and glossy than wet polishing

  • No dust pollution and slurry by-product in the operation

Comparison of Epoxy, aggregate toppings and
DRS-Floor Treatment 


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